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Cloud Foundry for Developers

Guest post by Steve Greenberg, Resilient Scale, and Daniel Jones, EngineerBetter

Consider the following: Cloud Foundry was recently rated the third highest paying job in technology. Currently, there are almost a quarter of a million unfilled development jobs in the US alone.  The combined result: unparalleled opportunity for developers – if you have the right skills.

The Cloud Foundry Foundation is addressing the need with its “Cloud Foundry for Developers” training course (and related certification). As co-authors of the course, Resilient Scale and Engineer Better are tackling the opportunity before Cloud Foundry Summit Silicon Valley in Santa Clara this June. You should join us.

What can you expect?

Cloud Foundry is an opinionated platform; these opinions serve to maximize individual and organizational effectiveness while using the platform. We too are opinionated about training cloud technologists.

We believe strongly in the importance of personas – understanding our consumer and crafting offerings accordingly. Given this, let’s think about how developers do their jobs. Developers are creators and need to make good decisions and reason over domains beyond just the platform. Given this, we can’t simply educate on the flags available for ‘cf push’ (as an example), but must provide solid context on what is happening in the platform and what best practices should be considered (think cloud-native and 12 factor). The scope is beyond solely using the functions of Cloud Foundry.

Cloud Foundry is a massive ecosystem. Learning a system this expansive is often overwhelming and challenging at a minimum. The course is designed to introduce you to the platform in a gentle and guided fashion enabling you to continue your journey after class.

What does this all mean?

You should expect an intensive, hands-on training class. A successful learning outcome is dependent on active engagement in both presented material and practical exercises.

You won’t find presentations discussing flags in ‘cf push’, but presentations that provide context on what is happening and why. The goal is to provide foundation for good decision making as a developer. The context provided in the class extends to best practices for both technology and organizations.

You won’t find exercises where you can cut and paste your way to the answer. Exercises provide the opportunity to experience the platform and directly apply what you have learned. You will find exercises that guide you while training you to use tools like ‘cf help’ and the docs.

The reality is you can’t attend a three-day training class and then know everything you need to do your job as a cloud-native developer. We understand, accept and embrace this in the class.  This class serves to make good cloud-native developers, not just good Cloud Foundry users.

About the Authors
Steve Greenberg is the CEO of Resilient Scale, a consultancy focused on building capabilities through collaboration, training and mentoring. He is a long time application developer and architect and a proponent of Spring & Cloud Foundry. Steve is the technical consultant on the Cloud Foundry Foundation developer exam and co-authored the Cloud Foundry Foundation Developer training course with the EngineerBetter team. Steve has been working with Cloud Foundry since early 2012, was one of the first VMware Engineers to complete the Cloud Foundry Dojo, and built (and donated to the community) the Spring Cloud Service Broker.

Daniel Jones is CTO of UK Cloud Foundry consultancy EngineerBetter. He has recently been operating and supporting multiple production CF instances at a global wealth management enterprise, and helping an IoT tech startup build their platform atop Cloud Foundry. Daniel was a member of the VMware CF London Services team, and also worked with Europe’s leading Cloud Foundry consultancy CloudCredo. Daniel has spoken at multiple Cloud Foundry Summits, including Silicon Valley, Berlin and Frankfurt, the London PaaS User Group, as well as at numerous video games industry conferences.

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Steve Greenberg, AUTHOR