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Cloud Foundry Morning Edition, Episode 17: Cloud Foundry Summit, Santa Clara!

Welcome to the Cloud Foundry Morning Edition, Episode 17, Cloud Foundry Summit, Santa Clara includes news about:

  • Cloud Foundry Summit Santa Clara is coming soon! It begins on May 22nd with an unconference and wraps up on May 26th with a BOSH Day! There’s also an Ambassador program to welcome new comers.
  • Cloud Foundry Advisory Board (CAB) was on April 14th. Thanks to Roger Strukhoff from Altoros for the notes: even pictures of project leads and links to repos!
  • Cloud Foundry announced its first fellow, Abby Kearns, as part of the new Fellowship program.
  • Swisscom announced SwissRE as a customer.
  • The Cloud Foundry booth at the OpenStack Summit was a huge success. Many thanks to Jayson DeLance (GE), Ronald Nunan (SUSE), Ed Saipetch (IBM), Carl Swanson (IBM), Kevin Cox (Hazelcast), Cote (VMware), Rahul Kamdar (TIBCO), Daniel Valik (VMWare), Ivan Dwyar (, Juan Pablo Genovese (Altoros) and Matyukevich Sergey (Altoros) for helping out at the booth! You can listen to Chip Childers and Abby Kearns on the NewStack podcast
  • Next step in our certification process. We are looking for item writers! Thanks very much to all the volunteers in our cert workshops that helped define scope, domains and items!
  • Help spread the word about how the Cloud Foundry Community works!

Episode 17: Cloud Foundry Summit Santa Clara, Cloud Foundry Morning Edition.