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Congratulations to Our Cloud Foundry Community Award Winners!

How on earth has it been over a month since Cloud Foundry NA Summit 2020?! We spent two days together in cyberspace sharing project updates, telling user stories, discussing the future of Cloud Foundry, and celebrating our community. Over the course of Summit, executive director Chip Childers announced three awards, voted on by the Cloud Foundry community and given to dedicated key players in our ecosystem.

Without further ado, here they are:

Winners of the 2020 North American Summit Cloud Foundry Community Awards

Dr. Xiujiao Gao, Awesome Advocate Award Winner | CF NA Summit 2020

Dr. Xiujiao Gao, Awesome Advocate Award

Dr. Xiujiao Gao is a tireless advocate of the Cloud Foundry project. She is a passionate and enthusiastic supporter of Cloud Foundry, is a highly engaged member of the community and always participates in events whether as a speaker or an attendee. Dr. Gao champions Cloud Foundry as a viable solution for developers and brings her infectious advocacy for the project into her work and conversations. The Awesome Advocate Award recognizes Dr. Gao’s project evangelism across Cloud Foundry and other open source communities and at industry conferences.


Sai Yerram, Committed Contributor Award Winner | CF NA Summit 2020

Sai Yerram, Committed Contributor Award

Sai Yerram is a dedicated Cloud Foundry contributor and role model in the community. Sai has driven the release efforts for the cf-for-k8s project, led the Release Integration team at VMware and encouraged community participation throughout. He made the release process for Cloud Foundry transparent by providing upfront notices on planned functionality, breaking changes and more. The Committed Contributor Award recognizes Sai’s contributions as having a significant impact on the technological advancement of Cloud Foundry.


Andy Paine, Inspirational User Award Winner | CF NA Summit 2020

Andy Paine, Inspirational User Award

Andy Paine is consistently a power user of Cloud Foundry, BOSH and Concourse. He regularly pushes Cloud Foundry to its limits and shares those ideals with the rest of the community. His guidance, insightfulness and ambition serve as inspiration to many in the Cloud Foundry community. The Inspirational User Award recognizes the way in which Andy uses Cloud Foundry strategically in his digital strategy in a way that makes a positive impact on the industry or the community.

Congratulations to Andy, Sai and Dr. Gao!

Next time you see them on Slack or at a virtual event, don’t forget to congratulate them on their tireless enthusiasm for Cloud Foundry and the community.

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