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Cloud Foundry Morning Edition: Episode 8: Name that Rabbit!

Welcome to the Cloud Foundry Morning Edition! Episode 8 includes news about:

  • BNY Mellon brought together two dozen chief technology officers from financial services companies to the Silicon Valley. They spent two days digging into common technology challenges and heard from industry experts like Cloud Foundry Foundation’s Sam Ramji. BNY Mellon’s CIO Suresh Kumar spoke highly of the their involvement with Cloud Foundry and the advantages it brings. The event was also the first in depth preview of the BNY Mellon’s NEXEN open source cloud software, based on Cloud Foundry!
  • The Cloud Foundry Foundation is hiring! If you are a technical project manager and would like to be part of an awesome team and project, check out the Cloud Foundry project manager role.
  • ProsocialLearn is a project in the EU that creates games to teach at risk children social skills like empathy, trust and cooperation. They speak very highly of Cloud Foundry as an open source, cloud based game platform!
  • Is 18F competing with the private sector? Or collaborating with a number of individuals and corporations on an open source, cloud platform for everyone?
  • The Berlin Cloud Foundry Summit is almost here! There will be an unconference ahead of time, training the first day and a meetup for meetup organizers the first night. More great keynotes and breakout sessions the second day!
  • The Cloud Foundry Ninja Rabbit is here! And the Cloud Foundry Ninja Rabbit needs a name … Enter the competition now and we might have some swag for you if your name is chosen. Just tweet your name to @cloudfoundry with #ninjarabbit by October 31st!
  • Get project updates by following the PMC Notes github project.
  • We’re talking certification now. Both certifying the code so that app developers know what they are getting but also certifying developers and operators. If you are interested in participating in defining that, let us know!

Cloud Foundry Morning Edition is now available as a podcast in addition to being on YouTube. You can find it on:

Episode 8: Name that Rabbit, Cloud Foundry Morning Edition.