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Cloud Foundry Morning Edition, Episode 14: All the Talks!

Welcome to the Cloud Foundry Morning Edition Episode 13! The news includes:

  • We have a couple of new members. Stay tuned for their announcement!
  • The EMC Cloud Foundry Dojo in Cambridge opened January 22.
  • IBM’s Cloud Foundry Dojo in Raleigh is coming soon.
  • As an example of what comes out of a dojo and the 6 week training period, SAP leading the BOSH CPI for Open Stack.
  • On the Cloud Foundry blog, Swisscom talked about their customer Dorma Kaba, a leading provider of security and access solutions and how they chose Cloud Foundry.
  • The ECS team has a cool sheet of Cloud Foundry terms and resources.
  • I gave a beginning Cloud Foundry talk at SCALE14x. The video is coming soon.
  • Cloud Foundry certification news keeps coming:
    • From Information Week, with a quote from Sam Ramji, “My sense is, over the next couple years, if this rate of adoption continues, instead of saying PaaS, you’ll just say Cloud Foundry.”
    • article.
  • Duncan Winn has a new book, Cloud Foundry, the Cloud Native Platform. You can download it for free.
  • Diego is part of CF. You should migrate from DEA to Diego.
  • Stark and Wayne wrote shied for a wide variety of pluggable data systems including S3 blobstores.
  • Josh Kruck’s plugin lets you download the current droplet for an app to your local file system for troubleshooting.
  • There is a webinar from Altoros on the lessons from GE-Software Allstate, Philips and Mercedes.
  • There are two Cloud Foundry mailing lists around speaking and meetups that you can join: cf-speakers and cf-meetup-organizers.
  • On Feb 5, Dr. Max giving Abacus talk at VMware.
  • On Wednesday Coed:Code is having a meetup to support and encourage women in systems programming.
  • Thursday is the first ever New Jersey meetup at the Honeywell offices.
  • The London meetup is happening Feb 11th with many speakers from the Summits.
  • Cloudscape 2016 conference, March 8-9 in Brussels, Belgium, is looking for a Cloud Foundry speaker.
  • Upcoming Calls for papers:
    • GlueCon – No deadlines, the sooner the better
    • GopherCon – January 31, 2016
    • OpenStack Summit NA – February 1, 2016
    • EMC World – February 5, 2016
    • Apache Con: Big Data – February 12, 2016
    • DockerCon – March 31, 2016
    • LinuxCon – April 26, 2016
  • Other sources of news:

Cloud Foundry Morning Edition is available as a podcast in addition to being on YouTube. You can find it on:

Episode 14: All the Talks, Cloud Foundry Morning Edition.