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CVE-2017-4991: UAA password reset vulnerability

CVE-2017-4991: UAA password reset vulnerability




Cloud Foundry Foundation

Versions Affected

  • cf-release versions prior to v260
  • UAA release:
    • 2.x versions prior to v2.7.4.16
    • 3.6.x versions prior to v3.6.10
    • 3.9.x versions prior to v3.9.12
    • Other versions prior to v3.17.0
  • UAA bosh release (uaa-release):
    • 13.x versions prior to v13.14
    • 24.x versions prior to v24.9
    • 30.x versions prior to 30.2
    • Other versions prior to v36


Privileged users in one zone are allowed to perform reset password for users in a different zone.


Users of affected versions should apply the following mitigation or upgrade:

  • Please note: A foundation is affected by this issue only if it is utilizing multiple zones in UAA.
  • Upgrade to Cloud Foundry v260 [1] or later

For standalone UAA users:

  • For users using UAA Version 3.0.0 – 3.14.0, please upgrade to UAA Release to v3.17.0 [2] or v3.9.12 [3] or v3.6.10 [4]
  • For users using standalone UAA Version 2.X.X, please upgrade to UAA Release to v2.7.4.16 [5]
  • For users using UAA-Release (UAA bosh release), please upgrade to UAA-Release v30.2 [6] if upgrading to v3.17.0 [2] or v24.9 [7] if upgrading to v3.9.12 [3] and v13.14 [8] if upgrading to v3.6.10 [4]
  • For users using the latest version, please upgrade to v36 [9].


This vulnerability was responsibly reported by the GE Digital Security Team.



2017-05-17: Initial vulnerability report published

2017-05-17: Description and title updated

2017-11-21: Updated mitigation with information about zones

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Cloud Foundry Foundation Security Team, AUTHOR