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CVE-2023-20885: CF workflows leak credentials in system audit logs




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Cloud foundry team found that the kernel audit logging is enabled on some components due to which various lifecycle workflows in the platform that use admin or service credentials in invocations of binaries are picked up by the audit logging, which record arguments passed to binary invocations that access the filesystem. A malicious user may use these credentials to deploy apps on CF instance.

Affected Cloud Foundry Products and Versions

Severity is medium unless otherwise noted.

  • CF NFS volume release
    • 5.0.x versions prior to 5.0.27
    • 7.1.x versions prior to 7.1.19
  • Notifications
    • All versions prior to 63
  • SMB Volume
    • All versions prior to 3.1.19


Users of affected products are strongly encouraged to follow the mitigations below. The Cloud Foundry project recommends upgrading the following releases:

  • CF NFS volume release
    • Upgrade 5.0.x versions to 5.0.27 or greater
    • Upgrade 7.1.x versions to 7.1.19 or greater
  • Notifications
    • Upgrade all versions to 63 or greater
  • SMB Volume
    • Upgrade all versions to 3.1.19 or greater


2023-06-15: Initial vulnerability report published.

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