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Free Intro to Cloud Foundry Online Course Now Available

Announcing a new, free training course from Cloud Foundry and Linux Foundation Training!

Deploying and managing applications securely and efficiently is critical in today’s technology organizations. As a result, organizations are turning to Kubernetes to run their workloads, only to find massive complexity associated with the platform. Cloud Foundry is a modern development platform designed to deliver cloud-native applications to any infrastructure, including Kubernetes.

We have partnered with the Cloud Foundry Foundation to create a new, free online training course on the edX platform, Introduction to Cloud Foundry (LFD132x), which helps you get started using this exciting technology. The course can be taken by both technical and non-technical professionals who want to make informed decisions regarding development platform selection and use in custom software organizations.

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This course explains what Cloud Foundry is and why it should be used, starting by highlighting the main use cases for the Cloud Foundry platform. It then discusses the relationship between Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes before providing an immersive, hands-on experience covering the capabilities of Cloud Foundry, highlighting the impact from three perspectives: developers, operations, and security and compliance teams. Upon completion, participants will understand the needs of custom software organizations from the standpoint of developers, operators, and security and compliance teams.

Introduction to Cloud Foundry was created by Steve Greenberg, Founder and CEO of Resilient Scale, a consultancy focused on building capabilities through collaboration, training, and mentoring. He is a longtime application developer and engineer with over twenty years of experience, who has been working with Cloud Foundry since 2012.

Like all Linux Foundation eLearning courses, this course is self-paced and completed online at the student’s convenience. It takes approximately 12 hours to complete, including hands-on labs and exercises. Those interested may audit the course for free, or add a verified certificate of completion from edX for a fee. Enroll today to start building your Cloud Foundry knowledge and skills.

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