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Hands-on Labs at Cloud Foundry Summit Boston

This is the fourth in a series from our Cloud Foundry community on why to attend Cloud Foundry Summit in Boston, April 18-20. Register here.

Cloud Foundry Summits are some of my favorite times of the year. Nowhere else do you see so many Cloud Foundry experts and enthusiasts in one place. With Cloud Foundry Summit in Boston rapidly approaching, I thought I would share what I am most excited about for this upcoming Summit.

For the first time, member companies will be offering a series of free “Hands-on Labs.” The goal is to provide attendees with new experiences in the span of about 25-30 minutes. If you have never pushed an app or deployed a BOSH release, these sessions may be for you. You can find the full schedule of Hands-on Labs here. There are seven Hands-on Labs this year, each taking place twice over the course of Thursday April 19 and Friday April 20.

Cloud Foundry Summits have proven to be a great time to learn about the latest advancements in a large and complex ecosystem. Sessions tend to go deep. While these sessions are great for those with enough experience, they can be alienating for those less familiar with a particular technology. The Hands-on sessions aim to change that.

At Cloud Foundry Summit in Basel, I spoke with a developer and first-time attendee whose company had adopted Cloud Foundry company-wide. While excited to be at Summit, he expressed his frustration with feeling behind; as a developer he had yet to push an app. With this new series of “Hands-on Labs,” we aim to provide a welcoming environment at Summits for those newer to platform capabilities like BOSH and service brokers.

I will be co-presenting four of the Hands-on Labs as Resilient Scale alongside SuperOrbital, and I encourage you to check out these sessions! You can choose from Pushing Your First App and Microservices on Spring Boot on either day. If you are looking for new experiences, join us on Thursday and Friday in the Foundry.

Learn more about Hands-On Labs, User Day track and more, and register for Cloud Foundry Summit in Boston this April 18-20.

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