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How Paketo Buildpacks Fit into the Cloud Native Landscape

This morning, Cloud Foundry announced the launch of Paketo Buildpacks. Cloud Foundry users are familiar with the work of the Cloud Foundry Buildpacks project team. Paketo Buildpacks are the work of that same project community, with a very important differentiator: Paketo Buildpacks align with the CNCF’s Cloud Native Buildpack specification.

Why does this matter? Standardization across technologies is key to guaranteeing quality, security, and continued innovation can occur within a regulated framework. Because Paketo Buildpacks are aligned with the CNCF’s Cloud Native Buildpack specification, they can be used on any platform or tool that supports the CNB spec, such as Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, and Tekton.

Aligning with the CNCF’s standard means Paketo Buildpacks are designed to be adopted by and contributed to by the broader cloud native open source community, including the wide range of folks using Kubernetes. The value that buildpacks bring to developers and operators is significant, and we are proud to bring that to the cloud native community at large. 

Paketo Buildpacks offer the highest quality of code, developed by a team that has incorporated feedback from hundreds of thousands of developers to keep the Buildpack collection up to date with best industry practices. The Paketo project team works hard to ensure the swift roll-out of security patches in response to the vulnerabilities in upstream language runtimes and frameworks. 

I couldn’t be more pleased to help launch a project committed to developers and operators that promises high quality, rapid security patching, continued innovation, and the industry standard for cloud native buildpacks. We hope you enjoy using Paketo. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the project team on Paketo Slack, on Twitter @paketo_io, and to check out updates on GitHub and Medium.

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