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Cloud Foundry Wins 2024 Digital Innovator Award from Intellyx

Cloud Foundry is among the winners of the 2024 Intellyx Digital Innovator Award focused on the leading edge vendors that are driving enterprise digital transformation.

Intellyx is an industry analyst firm with 10 years of thought leadership and analysis working with innovators in enterprise IT.


The award comes at a great time for the Cloud Foundry project. The community is hard at work in keeping the roots of the project alive for the thousands of workloads it powers, while also taking a step into the future by supporting Kubernetes as a platform.


Have a look at the Intellyx article, Cloud Foundry: Rethinking PaaS for the Cloud Native Era examining the transformations at Cloud Foundry over the last decade, and how those parallel the evolution of PaaS and the industry’s transition to the cloud native paradigm for application development and deployment.


Intellyx concludes: “Given its historic roots, level of maturity, and unquestionable open-source credibility, Cloud Foundry has positioned itself as a leading cloud native application development platform.”

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