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Newt Global Consulting Joins Cloud Foundry

IRVING, Texas, April 15, 2016 – Newt Global Consulting, A “Dallas 100 fastest growing company” as ranked by Southern Methodist University, has announced that it is joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation, home of the industry-standard platform for cloud applications. Newt Global Consulting, is a niche player in DevOps and Telematics/IoT, joins EMC, HPE, IBM, Intel VMware, SAP, VMware and more than 50 other technology innovators as a Foundation member. Through its membership, Newt Global Consulting is reinforcing its commitment to collaborating with Cloud Foundry members to build industry standard implementation solutions for multi-cloud enablement.

“We are pleased to have Newt Global join us,” said Cloud Foundry CEO Sam Ramji. “With Cloud Foundry playing an important role in their keen focus on helping enterprises implement effective DevOps programs and tool chains, they’ll be able to share a wealth of best practices with the community.”

Newt Global Consulting is a niche player in DevOps and Telematics/IoT with a solid decade long reputation of executing strategic projects including but not limited to IT PMO of a $10 billion USD divestiture for a Fortune 50 client. The firm has extensive experience in rewriting and refactoring legacy applications into microservices (which lend themselves effectively in a DevOps pipeline and enable rapid time to market deployments).

“We’re excited to be contributing to the industry’s fastest growing platform for cloud applications,” said Newt Global COO Satish Goel. “We look forward to sharing our experiences with the community and collaborating with other Cloud Foundry practitioners to continue to build out the platform and expand Cloud Foundry adoption.”

About Newt Global Consulting, LLC
Newt Global, founded in 2004 and headquartered at Dallas TX, is a technology powerhouse present in multiple locations in USA and India. Newt Global is leader in DevOps Transformation, Cloud Enablement, and Mobility Test Automation. The company has implemented complete DevOps tool chain for large enterprise clients. Newt Global has been one of top 100 fastest growing companies of Dallas twice in a row.

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