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Platforms Beat Products, Every Time

Platforms beat products. 10 years ago, that might have not been the popular thinking. However, the latest cloud platforms are beating product. Over at today, Bryan Kirschner posted an interesting piece on how platform economics work – and why a product strategy will always lose.

As he puts it: “a successful platform strategy requires upending product strategy assumptions. Products win on features. Platforms win with communities. Value creation must shift from internal optimization to external servicing. Behavior must shift from command-and-control to openness by default.”

He goes on to highlight the three key pillars of a presentation from Cloud Foundry’s CEO, Sam Ramji:

1. Mindset: As Jeff Bezos said way back in 2002, “[T]he team must plan and design to be able to expose the interface to developers in the outside world.”

2. Strategy: A digital platform strategy offers third parties more control over all but one thing: data.

3. Technology: This is essentially cycle time optimization. Smaller teams using faster tools to continuously adapt.

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