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Q&A: Arni Raghu

We are in the final stretch before the opening keynote at Cloud Foundry Summit 2015. In this installment of our ongoing speaker interview series, we get to know Raghvender Arni, VMware’s senior director of platform strategy. At Summit, Arni will discuss how architects can plan the roadmap of a Cloud Foundry deployment as they look towards building an efficient data center.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your career history
I have been involved with enterprise software most of my career after spending a few years in research. I have held multiple roles – Engineering, Product Management, Pre-Sales and also a Founder (a blend of the preceding roles in one!). The role I enjoy the most is spending time with the clients and jointly crafting their business model(s) which is enabled and accelerated using software platforms and products.


How did you get involved in Cloud Foundry?
I worked at VMWare before we spun off into VMware. One of the primary reasons I joined VMWare was the CloudFoundry vision. So I have stayed close to it from the early days.

What you are speaking about at CF Summit?
Resource Management(RM) is important for Data Center Operators as they look to lower operating costs while helping innovation within the enterprise. The recent rise of Containers and even Bare-Metal is making operators rethink their RM strategy which was heavily VM-centric . To make matters worse, some of the workloads that exist in the third platform are new like Big Data, Microservices. I want to spend some time guiding operators on the thought process they need to go through as they evolve into the future data center (private or public).

Why do you think what your talk is about is important?
This is a very dynamic and fast evolving area of computing today. Many Data Center operators are very unclear about the choices as they stare at the next generation of workloads desired by the business.

What do you hope people learn?
I hope attendees walk away with a better understanding of the current state and the possible future of resource management in a data center.

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