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Q&A: Diego Lapiduz, 18F

As the clock ticks down to the opening keynote of Cloud Foundry Summit 2015, we wanted highlight some of the talks attendees will hear in Santa Clara on May 11-12 (you registered already, right?). And what better way to do that, than hearing directly from the speakers themselves.


Few missions are as audacious as reinventing government. Yet, that is exactly what one of our Cloud Foundry Summit speakers and his team are working on. It’s called 18F. And it’s goal is nothing less than improving the way government interacts with the people and businesses it serves.

18F team member Diego Lapiduz‘s talk is one you won’t want to miss. Diego will show how Cloud Foundry is helping to centralize security, speed up approvals, create a developer friendly environment and increase velocity. Or as he calls it in the talk title, “Deployments We Can Believe In.”

diego lapiduz

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your career history

I’ve spent most of my professional life as a web engineer. Hopping through a couple different languages, I landed in the Ruby world as Rails was shipping 1.0.

After spending about 7 years working with different startups with Ruby and Rails I decided to join the federal government and help with an effort to modernize the way we do public software.

I was always very passionate about how the software was deployed, and since there was a lot of room for improvement in that area, I ended up doing DevOps in government.

How did you get involved in Cloud Foundry?

I was trying to figure out how to do deployment of multiple heterogenous apps within one environment. After talking with some colleagues they pushed me to try Cloud Foundry.

I started to follow Dr. Nic’s videos and that is how I got started.

What you are speaking about at CF Summit?

I am speaking at Cloud Foundry Summit about how we made the choice of Cloud Foundry (after looking at other platforms and non-PaaS solutions) and how it’s been so far (Spoiler: it’s been amazing).

Why do you think what your talk is about is important? What do you hope people learn?

I am hoping that people can take away that Cloud Foundry is a great platform for enterprise environments but also that they can change the culture of the team to become more agile and less devops strained.

Also, I am going to go into details of how we are leveraging the platform to solve our security hurdles.

If people learn that Cloud Foundry can work for them, even on the strictest security environments, then it would be a big win.

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