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Q&A: Junjie Cai

We’re closing in on the opening keynote of Cloud Foundry Summit 2015 (May 11-12 in Santa Clara…you registered already, right?). Continuing our series of Q&As with speakers you’ll see at the Summit is IBM Bluemix runtime architect, Junjie Cai, who’s talk on “10 common errors when pushing applications to Cloud Foundry” is sure to draw a crowd.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your career history.

I’m currently the architect for the runtime offerings in IBM’s cloud application platform called Bluemix. Previously I worked on several cloud related incubation projects inside IBM including the multi-tenancy tech-preview feature in IBM JDK. Before that I worked on Apache Geronimo and Apache Harmony.

How did you get involved in Cloud Foundry?

Bluemix chose Cloud Foundry for its Platform-as-a-service offering. As part of the early incubation team, I got involved with CloudFoundry when it was still v1.


What you are speaking about at CF Summit?

I will talk about many common errors that a user may encounter when pushing an application to Cloud Foundry, how to diagnose them and what are the possible solutions.

Why do you think what your talk is about is important?

Many things may go wrong when an application is pushed to Cloud Foundry. It could be a client side issue, a fabric-level issue, a buildpack related one or an issue during application start up. Some errors are obvious while others need more investigation. Understanding the different types of issues and the best practices to diagnose and solve them will make users become more efficient with Cloud Foundry.

What do you hope people learn?

I hope people will learn what are the things happening behind the scene when they push an application to Cloud Foundry, what may go wrong, and what are the techniques to identify the cause and fix the issue.

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