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Service Fabrik: Incubating Alongside Cloud Foundry Community


At Cloud Foundry Summit Silicon Valley 2017, SAP proposed our intention to contribute work on Service Fabrik as a community driven project. We kept our promise. On August 21, 2017, we made a formal proposal to incubate Service Fabrik alongside the Cloud Foundry family.

Service Fabrik Overview

Service Fabrik is a Cloud Foundry broker envisioned as a one-stop shop for provisioning and management of enterprise-grade backing services (for example: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Redis) for enterprise-grade Cloud Foundry applications. It has the capability to spawn developer-only services using Docker Swarm and production-grade services using a BOSH release.

In addition to provisioning, Service Fabrik has additional built-in capabilities like service update, data backup and the ability to restore and instance availability status.

High Level Goals

These are the high-level goals of the project:

  1. Support Cloud Foundry Service provisioning using BOSH and Docker.
  2. Support Day 2 Operations including Data Backup, Restore, Service Update, Service Monitoring and Logging.
  3. Support multi-cloud deployment and management.
  4. Offer capabilities to visualize your service deployments.
  5. Pluggable architecture to integrate third-party monitoring, logging and backup solutions.
  6. Build an ecosystem of production-grade backing services.

A few of these goals have been reached and are available while others are part of our roadmap. More details can be found in the Service Fabrik proposal.


Based on our experience, we are certain there is large interest in a solution that will solve the many challenges of keeping the backing services operational and helping to manage the Day 2 operations in an automated and timely manner.

Working on it together with the community will help everybody to offer managed services. The feedback and learnings will help to further improve the Open Service Broker API, Cloud Foundry Cloud Controller meta model and command line interface. We would therefore like to contribute our work at SAP and continue evolving it together with the Cloud Foundry community.

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