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Summit Talk: How Do You Operate CF at Scale on Kubernetes?

This post is about the forthcoming talk “Our Scalability Journey with cf-for-k8s” being given by Kesavan Subramanian and Pavan Sundareshan at Cloud Foundry EU Summit on Thursday, October 22nd in the Contributor track. Register for Summit here.

The Cloud Foundry community has made the leap towards Kubernetes as the “new normal.” Over the last few years, we have been performing scalability in the CF BOSH world. We are keen on this new approach and wanted to fully understand how CF can reap the benefits of Kubernetes. We are delighted to share our scalability experience with cf-for-k8s.

Where are we now?

With cf-for-k8s, Cloud Foundry has been reinvented to take advantage of a native Kubernetes stack. We want to show the potential of a Kubernetes-native deployment of Cloud Foundry to operators. Currently, the seamless push experience that developers enjoy in Cloud Foundry is because of all the heavy lifting done by the operators in the background. 

How do we make this better? Answer is “kubectl apply”. This is the golden command that makes any deployment a breeze. Kubernetes makes the Cloud Foundry platform easier to set up, operate and self-manage with its native capabilities. The flexibility and extensibility of custom resources in Kubernetes marches Cloud Foundry towards a new level of customization and familiarity of its resources to developers and operators alike.


The burning question in everybody’s mind is: will it scale? Does this magic of Kubernetes  reflect in the new Cloud Foundry as well? Does it really open up dimensions of scalability? Is this right for me to operate Cloud Foundry at scale on Kubernetes? 

Come join our talk to learn more about the answer to these and other questions!

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