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Summit Talk: Why Should You Learn About Knative?

This post is about the forthcoming talk “Knative 101: Roadmap and Overview” being given by Matt Moore at Cloud Foundry EU Summit on Thursday, October 22nd in the Contributor track. Register for Summit here.

As the Cloud Foundry community moves closer to Kubernetes, the term “Knative” is bound to come up, and the overlap between these two communities will continue to grow. Come learn about Knative from Matt Moore, one of the project’s founders.

In this talk, you will learn about the origins of Knative, how the project is structured, and get a glimpse of the project’s future.

We will also dive deeper into the “Serving” project, which has many similarities to CF “Apps”.  We will cover the broad strokes of the Serving resource model, and talk about some of the design goals like scaling to zero, rollouts, traffic splitting, and request concurrency.

Come ask Matt your burning questions, like “How do you pronounce Knative?” in our Q&A afterwards.

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