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SUSE Cloud Application Platform 2.1 Deepens Kubernetes Integration Today

SUSE has just unveiled a new release of SUSE Cloud Application Platform that enables Cloud Foundry users to get still more from Kubernetes. Key new features include Kubernetes-native application scheduling and Kubernetes cluster and resource analysis tools. Stop by our booth at the virtual Cloud Foundry EU Summit to see it in action!


Kubernetes-native scheduling

With production support for Project Eirini, your Cloud Foundry applications can now be run as Kubernetes pods. That means you can integrate tooling from the Kubernetes ecosystem – the same tooling you may already be using to manage other Kubernetes workloads – into your Cloud Foundry environment to better observe, secure, and analyze your application containers.

The new release also introduces some very exciting cluster and resource analysis capabilities that can help you ensure the robustness of your Kubernetes cluster configuration. Simply run the tools to detect misconfigurations based on commonly accepted best practices. You can view the results as a report, or as a visual overlay in a graphical workloads viewer for a clear picture of where your cluster is not up to standard.  You can also drill down to get the details you need to resolve any issues.

CAP 2.1

Visual analysis of workloads

If you are not yet using SUSE Cloud Application Platform, now is the perfect time to give it a try. And if you are already on board, please do check out the new capabilities and let us know what you think!

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