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Why Swisscom is Evaluating Containers-as-a-Service with CFCR, PKS and Kubernetes

For over a year, the Swisscom Application Cloud Team has run Kubernetes in production for its internal services. As announced in late 2017, the Swisscom Application Cloud team is evaluating the latest container orchestration frameworks to meet growing customer demand for Kubernetes-based container management services. First Proofs-of-Concept with interested customers have begun, based on Cloud Foundry Container Runtime (CFCR). In addition, the commercial product out of CFCR — VMware Container Service (PKS) — was tested during its beta phase and is now installed as the GA version ready for internal use.

Read Swisscom’s full blog post to learn what the team found during its PoCs and how they intend to expose this self-enabled service at scale to their end customers. The Swisscom team wants to know what you think and how you intend to use Kubernetes — with special interest in the extent to which you want to have a managed service and what you want to do yourself.

Feel free to reach out to lead architect and TAB member Daniele Ulrich via email, Twitter or LinkedIn to let him know what you think of Swisscom’s sneak preview of its services.


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