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Make Your Voice Heard: Take the 2019 Cloud Foundry User Survey (Updated)

We want to hear from our users

Cloud Foundry is an interoperable technology, which means it’s continuously incorporating new cloud native projects into its fabric in order to meet the needs of our users — that’s you. We want to hear from you about how you’re using Cloud Foundry, which projects you focus on, the breadth and depth of your usage, and much more. Knowing your needs enables us to make the best decisions for the future of Cloud Foundry.

Take the survey and win a prize

Take our survey and win an Apple Watch Series 4, a Cloud Foundry t-shirt or a Cloud Foundry water bottle. Please take the survey before it closes on Friday, May 31 at 11:59 PM PST.

Which Cloud Foundry do you use?

Not using the open source version? Unsure if you’re using Cloud Foundry? Check the list of current Cloud Foundry Certified Platforms and distributions:

  • Open Source Cloud Foundry Application Runtime (CFAR)
  • Anchora MoPaaS
  • anynines Public PaaS
  • Atos Cloud Foundry (Certified)
  • (Certified)
  • GE Predix
  • IBM Cloud Foundry (Certified)
  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry (Certified)
  • Pivotal Web Services
  • SAP Cloud Platform (Certified)
  • SUSE Cloud Application Platform (Certified)
  • Swisscom Application Cloud (Certified)

Report published this fall

Results will be published in a report this fall. Read the most recent Cloud Foundry User Report!

Many thanks to our community for its support.


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