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Why Thursday February 4, 2016 is an Important Day for Cloud Foundry

Who doesn’t love a great meetup, right? Make it Cloud Foundry Meet Up – and count me in. I am there!

There have been Cloud Foundry Meet Ups since 2011 and perhaps there were informal ones even earlier than that. There have been Cloud Foundry Meet Ups in New York City since 2013. However, for whatever reason, there has never been a New Jersey Cloud Foundry Meet Up. What’s up with that? There has been a severe lack of love for the Garden State. Some may even call it disrespect.

We had all run out of good excuses for why this was the case. The answer was always New York City if the question was about a Meet Up. Well, you know what. NYC =/ NJ. While sometimes getting into New York City is easy, many times it is not. Only if schedules happened to align does NYC work for a NJ-based person. Yeah, thanks for nothing say the guys and gals in NJ. Thanks. For. Nothing.

Cloud Foundry-loving customers, partners, vendors – heck, even my neighbor, just want to be around like minded people and talk a little CPI and Diego or share some BOSH war stories or compare notes on CI tools and Buildpacks. Sometimes newbies just want to see what the heck this “structured platform” thing was all about. Is that too much for someone to ask?

The answer is no! Hells no. Your voice has been heard. No longer will New Jersey be left out in the cold (and boy did it get cold all of a sudden in NJ) when it comes to our fair share of Cloud Foundry goodness.

Queue the music, turn town the lights, turn on the disco ball. It’s party time.

I am happy to announce that on the evening of Thursday, February 4th New Jersey will host its first Cloud Foundry Meet Up! The newest member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, Honeywell, has volunteered to host the event at their beautiful new Corporate HQ located in Morris Plains NJ (easily accessible off of Rt 24 or Rt 10).

We have lined up a great agenda, great set of speakers, great food – and the list of registered attendees continues to grow every day.

Please join us to help cement Cloud Foundry in NJ. If you are interested, please check out the link below and register:

I look forward to seeing all of you in person in a couple of weeks.