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Missed out on the CF Summits of 2015? Catch the highlights in London in February!

2015 was an amazing year for Cloud Foundry! There were several key milestones: membership of the Cloud Foundry Foundation increased to over 50 companies, Cloud Foundry Certification was introduced to support Cloud Foundry as the industry PaaS standard, and Cloud Foundry Summits were launched in two new regions, Europe and Asia.

For those that couldn’t attend some or all of the Cloud Foundry Summits of 2015, we at LOPUG (London PaaS User Group) are running a free-to-attend meetup in London on Thursday 11th February 2016 to showcase some of our favourite presentations.

Without giving away too many spoilers, here is a brief overview of the presentations and speakers:

  • Colin Humphreys, LOPUG Organiser, will be kicking us off with some “opening remarks”. Colin himself spoke at all three of the CF Summits of 2015 (in Santa Clara in May, Berlin in November and Shanghai in December), so we’re looking forward to hearing his thoughts about the 2015 Summits as well as his ideas for 2016


  • Tim Savage, co-founder of Armakuni, has an amazing and highly unusual story to tell of how Armakuni uses Cloud Foundry to support the Comic Relief donations platform and is able to manage an extremely high volume of traffic over a very short period, with no second chances if something goes wrong.


  • Simon Johansson and Daniel Otte from Springer Nature will be explaining the journey that their team took using Cloud Foundry to increase the speed of application deployment from weeks to minutes. This talk was hugely popular at the Summit in Berlin with the help of some very illustrative slides!


  • And to finish off the evening, Abby Kearns from VMware will be explaining some of the tech buzzwords that are often used in our community. This talk was originally delivered by Duncan Winn at the summit in Shanghai and we’re looking forward to hearing to hearing Abby’s views on “buzzword bingo”.


So, if you missed any of the Cloud Foundry Summits of 2015 or if you just fancy hearing these excellent presentations again, then please join us in London on Thursday 11th February by rsvp’ing here and we look forward to seeing you there!


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Paula Kennedy, AUTHOR

Paula joined Pivotal in 2015 and in her current role as Director of Pivotal Cloud Foundry Solutions, EMEA she is focused on working together with clients to drive innovation, disruption and transformation. Paula was previously Chief Operating Officer and co­-founder of CloudCredo and has worked in the IT industry for over 17 years. She is passionate about community, diversity and inclusion, and has a range of speaking experience, including Cloud Foundry Summits, QCon, VelocityConf, DevOpsDays and several meetups. She also organises the London PaaS User Group, Coed:Code meetup group and is part of the organising committee for DevOpsDays London 2017 and 2018.