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Welcome Our New Senior Director of Digital Strategy to Cloud Foundry Foundation!

September was exciting — I joined Cloud Foundry Foundation as the Senior Director of Digital Strategy to support the Cloud Foundry ecosystem, and collaborate with our members and their marketing teams to promote adoption and awareness of Cloud Foundry technologies.

It’s been a fantastic journey to get here. My technology marketing background is high performance computing, working with large organizations and start-ups — but I moved to the open source cloud native market a few years ago and have not looked back! What I love about it most is that it’s all about community.  Working with developers, end users, operators, IT decision makers and the people who support them is a two-way conversation that should strive to educate, empower and excite. Transparency, inclusivity, openness and kindness are driving values of the open source world.

These are the reasons I joined the Foundation. I look forward to getting to know the Cloud Foundry community, working with our members on collaborative digital strategy, and experiencing the momentum and growth of the Cloud Foundry ecosystem!

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