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Welcoming Google to Platinum Membership at Cloud Foundry Foundation

The Cloud Foundry Foundation has three types of membership: Platinum, Gold and Silver. Our members are as diverse as the Cloud Foundry ecosystem, composed of Cloud Foundry end user companies, organizations with developers contributing to the open source project, businesses who are certified providers of Cloud Foundry, independent software vendors providers, service integrators, and more. These members and the broader Cloud Foundry community are the lifeblood of our ecosystem.

Becoming a member of the Foundation is not only an investment in the future of the project — it’s a commitment to remain at the forefront of innovation and leverage the benefits of cloud native technologies in a world built on digital adaptation. Joining at any level is a signal to the cloud native ecosystem that a company is dedicated to its community of developers, contributors, and especially end users.

And with that, I’m pleased to share that Google has increased its investment in the Foundation to the highest possible membership level. Beginning today, Google is now a Platinum member of Cloud Foundry Foundation. Jennifer Phillips, program manager at Google’s Open Source Programs Office, will join the Foundation’s board of directors.

As a newly Platinum member of the Foundation, Google will help us support our vibrant community as they continue to bring the Cloud Foundry developer experience to Kubernetes environments everywhere. Over the last several years, the Cloud Foundry community has been on an accelerating journey to deeply integrate Kubernetes into its architecture. Projects like Eirini, Project Quarks and, most recently, KubeCF continue to drive forward this integration. Cloud Foundry’s goal has always been to make developers’ lives easier, and now we continue full steam ahead with Google’s support as we expand to become the best developer experience for cloud native in general, and Kubernetes in particular. 

Given that Google joined as a member in January 2017, this isn’t exactly a welcome note. It’s more of a thank you to the Google team — for recognizing the value in their membership with the Foundation and leveling up to demonstrate their support for our community and end users everywhere.

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