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What Happened at Cloud Foundry Day Bengaluru

We are only as strong as the community we belong to…

In an ever-evolving landscape, change is the only constant. To trek through this land of unknown and make the journey worthwhile, we must come together as a community.

Fortunately, Cloud Foundry has one of the most thriving global communities in the world. In order to engage the established communities and support the budding ones, Cloud Foundry encourages and supports community events.

SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd. played host to one such event, Cloud Foundry Day Bengaluru. The 2018 Bengaluru edition of Cloud Foundry Day was graced by the leaders and champions of the Cloud Foundry community with a keynote delivered by Chip Childers, the Chief Technology Officer of Cloud Foundry Foundation.

Whether one is a developer or an organization dealing with or undergoing a digital transformation, Cloud Foundry Day Bengaluru the place to be!

Mr. Vishnu Prasad Hegde, Director & Head, SAP Cloud Platform Core India, SAP, welcomed the participants, who turned up in large numbers on a relatively early morning on a weekend. Through his address, Vishnu instilled the participants with energy and kicked off the event with great gusto.

Following this warm welcome was the session everybody was eagerly awaiting — Chip’s keynote. If the energy levels were already at maximum, Chip took them through the roof. In his session, Chip took the audience on a journey through cloud computing and the role of Cloud Foundry. He spoke about the role a community plays in building bridges and how cloud is empowering industries beyond the tech bubble. He certainly left the crowd wanting more!

An audience member told us: “What an incredible session; it was truly beyond amazing. Chip sensed the crowd and delivered an impactful session that had something for everyone — from an undergraduate student to an industry expert.

You can watch Chip’s keynote here or peruse the Slide Deck!

After Chip laid a sturdy foundation, Srinivasa Vasu, Senior Platform Architect, VMware, continued the story with “A Tale of Two Runtimes.” In his session, Srinivasa covered the coexistence of the Cloud Foundry Container Runtime and the Cloud Foundry Application Runtime. He showcased how a 12-factor based microservice application can be pushed to CFAR, which consumes a persistence service running on CFCR.

You can watch or read Srinivasa’s presentation too! Watch the video or view the slide deck.

Before the gathering broke for lunch, the Cloud Foundry Day organizing team celebrated the community by recognizing individuals who have made open source contributions and are committers to Cloud Foundry projects. We had community members present who contributed to Eirini, Stratos, BOSH, Application Autoscaler and Service Fabrik projects.  

Reconvening after lunch, Bernd Krannich, Technical Lead, SAP Cloud Platform, delivered an inspiring session on “The Shape of Things to Come – Predictions on the Future of Platform as a Service.” Bernd took the audience through new and upcoming technologies and highlighted how Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes are rapidly evolving the cloud native ecosystem. He highlighted recent projects like Peripli, Eirini, Istio, Fissile++, Gardener and Knative, and offered perspective on how these will define the future of Platform as a Service.

Watch the video or view the slide deck from Bernd!

Next, Srinivasan Nanduri, Architect IBM Mobile, IBM, delivered the session “Public Cloud Made Private With Cloud Foundry & Kubernetes.” In his talk, Srinivasan covered how one can leverage the capabilities of Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes to safeguard user data and comply with the ever-changing compliance guidelines. He demonstrated how IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment (CFEE) uses these concepts to create and manage isolated environments for the enterprise on Cloud Foundry.

Watch the video or view the slide deck from Srinivasan.

Cloud Foundry Day Bengaluru saw an exceptional turnout. From arrival to interaction with the speakers, attendees brought infectious energy. A testament to this was the audience’s performance in the pop quiz. Every question asked by the emcee was met with a minimum of ten hands that shot up faster than a speeding train!

The event then featured a fabulous panel featuring Sajith Ainikkal, Platform Architect, VMware, alongside speakers Chip Childers, Bernd Krannich and Srinivasan Nanduri to discuss the future of cloud native development and platforms. The discussion was moderated by Vishnu Prasad Hegde. The panel kept the crowd engaged through their lively discussion and friendly banter.

One of the attendees commented: “The panel was very engaging and insightful to listen to; I now have a better idea of how digital transformation is taking place among enterprises

Watch the panel discussion!

To end the speaker sessions on a high note, Sreeram Rajendran, Associate Development Architect, SAP, and Sivaram Subbiah, Senior Developer, SAP, presented the last session of the day on User Account Management and Multi-tenancy. They covered multi-tenancy at the SaaS and PaaS layers and elaborated on reusable resources in the context of multi-tenancy.

Watch the video or view the slides.

Even after six hours, the crowd was eager to see Chip return to the state to deliver the closing keynote. He left the attendees with this final thought:

“There could not have been a better time in history than today to be a software developer.”

There is one thing that is undeniable: There is a thriving Cloud Foundry community here in Bengaluru, India, and many more people have joined this happy family. If you weren’t able to attend the event, please use the links to watch the videos and peruse the slides.

Until next time …

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