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The Best Training for Platform Operators at Cloud Foundry Summit

Are you someone who loves to build things? Are you the person to whom people go when something breaks? You just might be a Platform Operator.

You’ve probably heard a lot about how wonderful Cloud Foundry Application Runtime is because it gives developers the power to self-provision their workloads. But those developers may not be responsible for or even know how to deploy or manage the cloud application platform.

That’s where a traditional DevOps Engineer professional can come in and evolve to a new role: a Platform Operator. A Platform Operator requires interdisciplinary skills and is an ideal role for people who like to learn many different things.

And every Platform Operator needs to become fluent in the language that deploys and manages the Cloud Foundry Application Runtime: BOSH. This April in Philadelphia, the Cloud Foundry Summit will offer a day-long training intended to give a head start for newcomers to BOSH.

Come join my Stark & Wayne colleague David Lohle and me, Tyler Bird, for a day of hands-on training with guided labs to get you on your way! Register for Summit and sign up for the training on April 3rd from 9 AM to 3 PM.


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