Cloud Foundry
Certified Platforms 2020

Developers need to run their apps across any Cloud Foundry instance in the language and framework of their choice. Organizations need portability across cloud application platforms in a multi-vendor, multi-cloud environment. What you need is a Cloud Foundry Certified Platform. All certified offerings are using the same core Cloud Foundry software and ensure application and skill portability across providers.


Atos Cloud Foundry

The Atos Digital Transformation Factory provides a proven and rich portfolio that empowers our clients to accelerate their own digital transformation.  Atos Cloud Foundry is a multi-cloud platform, fully managed by Atos, supporting our customers in their digital business strategy.

CFF0114_v1_CLODGOV is designed and operated by US government workers, for US government work. reduces the barriers to rapid, incremental, compliant, secure, and scalable delivery of government services by all government agencies, leveraging best-of-breed modern practices. is based on Cloud Foundry, enabling instant provisioning of services and environments, easy deployment of applications, and rapid scaling to match demand.


IBM Cloud Foundry

The IBM Cloud Foundry platform is not just about creating new apps or migrating existing ones, on-prem or off-prem implementations, or offering IaaS and PaaS cloud services. It’s designed to bring all of these aspects together to help you solve your real, complex business problems in the cloud.


SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform is the enterprise platform-as-a-service with comprehensive application development services and capabilities.


SUSE Cloud Application Platform

SUSE Cloud Application Platform is a modern application delivery platform used by software development and operations teams to streamline lifecycle management of traditional and new cloud native applications. Bringing together industry leading Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes technologies, the platform facilitates DevOps process integration to accelerate innovation, improve IT responsiveness, and maximize return on investment.


Swisscom Application Cloud

Swisscom Cloud Foundry is provided from the most modern and secure data centres in Switzerland. Corporate customers particularly value our Virtual Private offering and managed enterprise-grade services.


VMware Tanzu

VMware Tanzu Application Service is a modern runtime for Java, .NET, and Node apps purpose-built for developers to boost feature velocity and for operations teams to deliver world-class uptime.