Dyadic EKM Service Broker

Pure-Software Enterprise Key Management Supported by Cloud-Agnostic Virtual HSM

Dyadic Enterprise Key Management (EKM) provides a scalable, key management platform for both virtualized and non-virtualized environments. Dyadic EKM is a software solution that delivers security guarantees comparable to ones that require deployment and integration of the dedicated hardware elements.

Using Dyadic EKM Service Broker for PCF, developers store and manage cryptographic keys with a software solution that provides the same strong levels of security as a hardware solution (Hardware Security Modules).

Keys remain as secure as if they were locked in hardware, because with the Dyadic EKM, key material is never exposed in clear text at any point during the key lifecycle, even when it’s created or in use. Maintain full control of your keys anywhere: on-prem, on the cloud, any key, and any cloud.

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