"EC-leasing Co."

“EC-leasing Co.” Works With:

  • IBM Cloud Foundry
  • The Company “EC-leasing” was established on July, 1994. The basic part of the company experts – hardware and software developers on IBM-compatible systems, worked many previous years in the Research center of electronic computer facilities (NITSEVT). “EC-leasing” is a business partner of IBM corporation and has status of IBM Premier Business Partner. The Company “EC-leasing” specializes in the field of soft,- and hardware development for computer systems on IBM zSeries platform and application products related to IT-technology under orders of some Russian and foreign companies and organizations. Among constant Russian customers – the Central bank of the Russian Federation, the Russian RailWays, Gazprom, the largest state and public structures. The company “EC-leasing” is involved in development and support of information security, in particular in customization and implementation of system-technical solutions with respect to information security requirements for large computer systems. “EC-leasing” was appointed by The Ministry of Communications and Information of Russia as the Center of the competence for the state structures on ” Problem 2000″ and acted in this role successfully. Interpretive execution technology (ISX) created and patented by “EC-leasing” allows to run operating systems based on IBM architectures (370, 370XA, 390, z Architecture etc.), as well as related applications together with their environment as a job in the newest IBM operating systems like IBM OS/390 and z/OS. This technology is used for migration of many computer complexes in Russia and abroad to the newest operating system and hardware. The technology was tested in IBM technological centers and was recommended as a migration tool. The reasonable extension of ISX technology performed by “EC-leasing” ISX team resulted in some emulators of IBM architecture for operating environment like Windows, Linux and AIX. “EC-leasing” supplies IBM S/390 servers, zSeries products, IBM software (DB2, Rational, Tivoli, Lotus, etc.) Upon customer inquiry, the company “EC-leasing” renders consulting services in methodology and technology of software development and maintenance of information systems and in managerial processes by IT-projects.

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