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What lies “Behind The Curtain”: Cloud Foundry Summit 2021 Preview

Everyone who we’ve asked so far claims that the best part of attending past Cloud Foundry Summits are the spontaneous conversations. Between contributors and operators. Between business executives and product owners. Between Foundation staff and CF vendors. Granted, the virtual format makes it nearly impossible to replicate this, but it does not mean we can’t try to provide the same value …

Presenting the “Behind The Curtain” track at the Cloud Foundry Summit 2021. It contains talks by the Cloud Foundry contributors themselves. Each talk is meant to explore the internal workings of specific components that make up the whole platform. Who better than the engineers to provide a first hand account of the technology that they are contributing to.

Different sessions are on offer, meant to allow attendees to explore the distinct layers that make up the Cloud Foundry architecture. This will provide the unique opportunity for participants to learn about the various cogs that turn the machinery within.

The session I look forward to the most is the Leadership Panel, which will comprise senior Cloud Foundry project leaders and Technical Oversight Committee Members. Alex Williams from The New Stack has agreed to be the special host and moderate the panel discussions. The focus of the discussions is expected to be about the rediscovery of the Cloud Foundry community in the light of new technology (cf-for-k8s), new members, and new community efforts (TOC).

An area of significant interest in the larger community right now are Software Bill Of Materials. Sophie and Forest from VMware, who are contributors to Paketo Buildpacks, are scheduled to address how engineers can heighten security and tighten the workflows around handling vulnerabilities. The use of Paketo can automate the generation of bills of materials for applications, making it easier to run compliance checks against the sub components that make up a final application.

The diverse set of talks in this track relate to networking, routing, security – at the application and transport layers, and RBAC. Attendees are expected to capitalize on the experience and expertise of the speakers and engage with them to make the most of their participation. Special thanks to the program chairs Beyhan Veli of SAP and Amelia Downs from VMware for their due diligence in curating the talks that are a part of the track.

Register now! Join a session, and get the conversation going. A conference is only fun when there is active participation from a diverse crowd. The virtual format allows us to read a global audience easily. Look forward to seeing you (and possibly your whole team) at the event!

A full list of the talks from the “Behind The Curtain” track follows:

Wednesday, July 21

9:20am CDT

Transitioning to a Community-owned Stemcell – Felix Riegger & Florian Nachtigall, SAP

10:25am CDT

Tweaking Cloud Foundry for Scale – A Tale About Chatty Gorouters – Stefan Lay, SAP

10:50am CDT

CRDs FTW: Eirini’s Journey from REST to CRDs – Giuseppe Capizzi, VMware

11:30am CDT

Deep Dive: Paketo Buildpacks Bill of Materials: We’re Built Different – Sophie Wigmore & Forest Eckhardt, VMware

Thursday, July 22

9:20am CDT

CFF Community Leadership Panel – Panelists to be Announced

10:25am CDT

Continued: CFF Community Leadership Panel – Panelists to be Announced

10:50am CDT

HTTP/2 Awesome – Carson Long, VMware

11:30am CDT

Updating Roles in Cloud Foundry: Premiering Space Supporter Role – Mona Mohebbi & Merric de Launey, VMware

11:55am CDT

TLS for Everything – Miki Mokrysz, EngineerBetter/SAP & Patrick Lowin, SAP

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