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Just Another Multi-Cloud Monday


We’re right in the heart of Cloud Foundry Summit 2016! Monday’s behind us and Tuesday’s talks are well underway. Let’s take a look back at yesterday’s highlights:

Memberships & Certifications

  • We announced that Allstate has joined Cloud Foundry Foundation as our newest Gold member.
  • We were also thrilled to announce the addition of five new Silver members: Volkswagen, Dynatrace, Evoila, Gemalto and Hazelcast.
  • Cisco announced it has moved its Foundation membership to the Platinum level, reinforcing its commitment to Cloud Foundry.
  • Atos announced certification of its Cloud Foundry platform.
  • announced integration with its API and the Cloud Foundry platform.

Keynote Takeaways

Our CEO Sam Ramji kicked off this year’s Summit with his keynote “Zen and the Art of Platform,” drawing comparisons between Zen Buddhism and the open source community. He hit home some major points, including:

  • “Open source is a positive sum game. The more people we can support, the greater the platform. That’s why we built Cloud Foundry.”
  • The need for Cloud Foundry as an industry-standard platform, comparing a standardized platform to standardized electrical sockets: Once the standard exists, advanced technologies can continue to be built on top of it.
  • The average enterprise uses 4.6 clouds. A single cloud just isn’t a solution anymore; multi-cloud is the answer and Cloud Foundry is the platform supported by the companies that run their workload on multiple clouds.
Cloud Foundry CEO Sam Ramji welcomes the audience to CF Summit

Cloud Foundry CEO Sam Ramji welcomes the audience to CF Summit

Each keynote speaker gave us something to chew on for the rest of Summit:

  • Author Martin Ford raised important ethical and economic implications around the rise of artificial intelligence and robotics technologies.
  • Dr. Angel Diaz reiterated IBM’s commitment to Cloud Foundry with the help of Kaiser-Permanente’s Sam Gambarin, who explained why Cloud Foundry and Bluemix meet the needs of a consistent system of engagement.
  • Greg Otto of Comcast marveled at the ability of Cloud Foundry to get features up in days instead of weeks.
  • VMware’s Justin Smith gave a riveting talk on security in the enterprise with an emphasis on how much he loves his job and how crucial it is for companies to rotate, repair and repave their strategies.
  • The Gap’s Phil Glebow explained how Cloud Foundry provides options and allows for agile development in a waterfall context.
VMware's Justin Smith talks security

VMware’s Justin Smith talks security

And on the floor?

Attendees got the chance to speak with Cloud Foundry members and customers at booths in the exhibit hall while chowing down on barbecue wings, playing foosball and ping pong, and getting their cartoon portrait drawn by the talented Wolfgang Niesielski.


Festivities went on late into the evening with parties hosted by member companies in the Hyatt Bar and patio. Attendees made connections with one another, mingled and carried on conversations into the night, bolstering our Cloud Foundry community and creating an ever-stronger cohort!

Check in tomorrow for a look back at Tuesday’s events!

Also be sure to tune into our Live video stream all week.


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