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Biarca CEO Kris Rajana On Joining Cloud Foundry

You may have seen the news from Biarca today. They are one of the latest companies to join Cloud Foundry Foundation.  In the following QA, CEO Kris Rajana shares a bit more about Biarca and how they’re working with Cloud Foundry.


“Cloud Foundry is the leading open source platform delivering PaaS. It was a no brainer to embrace it.”
– Biarca CEO Kris Rajana


What does Biarca do?

Biarca is a Professional Services company focused on helping transform organizations from a legacy IT and applications approach to ones that delivers IT as a Service. We  work directly with end customers, and partners with value-added resellers and managed service providers.

What do you do that makes you different than how others do it?

Biarca is uniquely focused on best of breed open source technologies to accelerate adoption of cloud in the enterprise and truly deliver IT as a service (private, hybrid and public clouds). We address the twin challenges of modernizing the infrastructure in enterprise IT as well as the ability to rapidly develop and deploy cloud native applications. In addition to architecting and implementing these technologies, we also offer operational support to help maintain these infrastructures customized for the specific requirements and workloads of customers, so that they can focus on innovation.

Is there something you do to help customers that most people don’t know about?

Biarca is a spin out of Vedams, a 15 year old Engineering Services company that services the technology sector and has supported many of the leading technology companies in the storage and infrastructure space. We’re a relatively new company so we have the opportunity to offer a full range of professional services, including assessment, solution architecture, proof of concept, implementation, integration and support, all built on open source. Our private and hybrid cloud solutions are built on top of the leading open source cloud platforms like OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, Docker / Containers, Kubernetes, etc. and address a strong demand within the enterprise for a virtualized, cost effective, elastic, scalable IT infrastructure, as well as the ability to rapidly develop and deploy cloud native applications leveraging IaaS and PaaS technologies.

What was the moment where you realized you had to be part of the Cloud Foundry movement?

Biarca’s initial core capabilities were in delivering Infrastructure as a Service solutions based on OpenStack. As we talked to folks in the industry, we were convinced that while IaaS delivers significant value, the value would be magnified by also helping customers to innovate faster to stay competitive and get ahead in the “software defined” world. The best way to do this was to also enable a compelling application platform to be able to rapidly build and deploy cloud native applications. Cloud Foundry is the leading open source platform delivering PaaS. It was a no brainer to embrace it.

Are you involved in other open source projects? If so, which ones?

Biarca’s sole focus is on open source cloud technologies. In addition to Cloud Foundry, Biarca also supports OpenStack, Docker / Containers and Kubernetes.

What are you looking to get out of your involvement with the Cloud Foundry community?

Biarca will be an active member of the Cloud Foundry community and help contribute to and participate in its success. We want to create a unique position as a credible Professional Services company that helps enterprise customers with implementation of both commercial and community version of Cloud Foundry.

Are there areas where you think Biarca is uniquely positioned to contribute back to the community?

Biarca has deep engineering expertise and talent and can help in a couple of ways.  First, Biarca can help with contributing engineers to building out the core Cloud Foundry platform. We are participating in the Dojo program to be able to do that. Secondly, Biarca can also provide training on Cloud Foundry to help increase the awareness and knowledge of Cloud Foundry in the broader IT community.

What are your aspirations for the success of Cloud Foundry and your involvement over the next three years?

Biarca would like to see Cloud Foundry build on the current success and become the de facto standard open source application platform. We would like to help build that success and become a leading professional services organization delivering value to the Cloud Foundry ecosystem.

You can learn more about Biarca at

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