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Q&A: Daniel Jones, Engineer Better

As Cloud Foundry Summit Berlin (our first in Europe) gets closer, we’re giving you an opportunity to get to know some of the speakers who will be on stage. In this Q&A, Daniel Jones, Cloud Foundry Consultant at Engineer Better, gives us some insight into his talk, “The Seven Stages of Bosh.”


Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones


How did you get involved in Cloud Foundry?

I originally looked at Cloud Foundry way back in 2010 when evaluating PaaS for a indie gaming eCommerce start-up. That was back before it was very mature, and even alternatives like Elastic Beanstalk didn’t yet exist. A few years later I got reacquainted with the all-grown-up Cloud Foundry as a consultant at OpenCredo, and went on to work with CloudCredo and VMware developing data services, before striking it out on my own as Cloud Foundry consultant.

What are you speaking about at Cloud Foundry Summit Berlin?

My ex-colleague and good friend Chris Hedley and I are talking about our experiences in teams adopting Bosh. We’ve seen many people learn Bosh from scratch over the years, and we noticed a pattern in people’s feeling towards it: the learning curve is tough, but invariably people end up as Bosh advocates once they’ve grown to understand it. We’ll be explaining this journey, what the pitfalls are, and why Bosh is well worth persevering with.

What do you hope people will learn from your talk?

I hope teams considering adopting Bosh will come away better informed about the road that lies ahead for them; that those already using Bosh realise they weren’t alone in the challenges they faced; and finally that those who aren’t using Bosh consider taking the plunge. If we can do all of that whilst raising a few laughs then I think we’ll have done a good job.

What excites you about being part of the Cloud Foundry ecosystem?

The Cloud Foundry community is great to be a part of. The good folks at CloudCredo and VMware really enlightened me to an open, cooperative and encouraging way of working, and now I try to spread that where-ever I go. Being a part of a growing technology is really exciting too. I worked with Hadoop a little too late to feel a part of that movement, so it’s great helping people adopt CF as it becomes ever more prevalent. It was awesome wandering around the Santa Clara CF Summit 2015, chatting to work buddies and meeting like-minded smart folks for the first time, all in such an inclusive environment. I’m looking forward to landing in Berlin!

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