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Cloud Foundry Morning Edition, Episode 15: New teams!

Welcome to the Cloud Foundry Morning Edition Episode 15! The news includes:

  • The call for papers for the Cloud Foundry Summit, May 23-25 is now open. Submit your best talk!
  • The ECS Team has joined the Cloud Foundry Foundation!
  • Dr. Max has a series of blog posts on CF-Abacus.
  • The Japan Cloud Foundry group is posting a series of 100 days of apps.
  • We are kicking off our Cloud Foundry Expert Certification with an in person meeting March 1-2.
  • There’s been lots of meetups and talks.
  • We are working on updating our Cloud Foundry wikipedia page, if some neutral folks would like to help!
  • Lots of good info on the CAB call:
    • The MEGA team getting 2 new members.
    • The CLI team updated CLI docs and integrated it with cf help.
    • The routing and CLI teams are working together to support multiple app ports and TCP routing.
    • BOSH team: released bare metal CPI, rack hd with EMC.
    • New persistence team is called “persi”. It’s led by Ted Young. They would like to know what sorts of distributed files systems Cloud Foundry users are using and how they use them.
    • The BOSH team is “BOSHifying” all the build packs.
    • SAP is working on Abacus too: added support for MongoDB and working on Abacus Concourse.
    • IBM/VMware has formed a new team: bits-service which is an incubation project.

Cloud Foundry Morning Edition is available as a podcast in addition to being on YouTube. You can find it on:

Episode 15: New Teams, Cloud Foundry Morning Edition.