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Results Of The TOC Elections 2022

The Cloud Foundry Foundation is pleased to announce the results of the 2022 Technical Oversight Committee elections. The new members of the TOC are:


Congratulations to the winners!

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the nominees who came forward. There are several important leadership activities within the community that can still benefit from your experience, and so we invite you to explore those opportunities relevant to your interest and continue to contribute to the Cloud Foundry community. A big round of thanks to all the members of the community who came forward to participate by voting.


The inaugural Technical Oversight Committee, for the Cloud Foundry Foundation, was elected in the year 2021. Every year, seats on the TOC open up and are filled by duly elected members from within the community. The rules for the election are set in the CFF project’s charter. Three seats were scheduled to be vacant at the end of the term, filling these seats being the goal of the whole process.

Election Process

The nomination period for this years’ election began on May 18 2022 and concluded on the 2nd June 2022. Four candidates were nominated for the two available seats. For a period of two weeks, elections were kept open. The election was conducted using a tool named Elekto (running on CF-based infra, obviously!). Elekto is a CNCF project that uses Concordet ranked-choice voting by implementing the Schulze method. The Elekto instance was integrated with GitHub for authentication.

Elections were held open until the 17th June 2022. The results were announced on the 22nd June, and ratified during the TOC weekly meeting held on the 28th of June 2022.

Profiles of Newly Elected Members

Andy Hunt is currently the technical lead of the GOV.UK PaaS team. Andy is an active participant in the community, in particular – the government space. His core focus is around maintaining the excellence of the end-user experience and engages continuously in making things better for all of GOV.UK PaaS end users. He is keen to see the community grow and move from strength to strength with a desire to ensure the right environment is available for this to happen.

Ruben Koster has been a fantastic community player and contributor across many organizations. He has always been supportive of the TOC since the start. His contributions have helped set up working groups, form teams, and employ automation for various processes. Ruben is a natural leader, willing to make difficult decisions and put the needs of the Cloud Foundry community ahead of other things.

Beyhan Veli has been active in the Cloud Foundry community for over seven years. He started to contribute to the Cloud Foundry community as a member of the BOSH team at SAP. In the past year, Beyhan has taken on a broader role at SAP, from a Cloud Foundry developer experience perspective. Beyhan has also held the position of technical lead for a working group and acted as a co-chair in the past.

The previous cohort had been the inaugural TOC for the Cloud Foundry community. The outgoing committee members had this to share with the Cloud Foundry community:

Lee Porte, the Lead SRE within the DSP directorate looking after the GOV.UK PaaS, says “It has truly been an honour to chair the inaugural TOC during such a key transition to becoming a more community driven project”. Some of the highlights of his tenure, recounts Lee, were seeing the exciting launch of Korifi and helping with the migration to open roadmaps and backlogs for the new working groups.

Jan von Löwenstein, who works as a Product Manager at SAP SE, also served as part of the TOC. When asked about his experience serving on the TOC, Jan said “It was an honor to help bootstrap the community governance reboot”. Jan will continue to participate with several areas of Cloud Foundry such as the Paketo Working Group, as an interested party and potentially a  contributor.

David Stevenson, a Senior Staff Engineer at VMware will also be moving on from the TOC. He adds “I’ve gained tremendous experience facing the complexities of real community problems on this leadership committee, it was really fun to be part of the inaugural team!” David expects the community to “enhance community (vs vendor) ownership of some of the core parts of CF” in the upcoming year.

Without doubt the newly elected members Andy Hunt, Ruben Koster, and Beyhan Veli have big shoes to fill. Let’s take this opportunity to welcome them (yet again) to the TOC. The Cloud Foundry Foundation looks forward to working with the newly elected members.


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