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Goin’ Up in the Cloud on a Tuesday

Who can believe it’s Wednesday already? Today is the last official day of Cloud Foundry Summit — and tomorrow is our highly anticipated BOSH Training Day!

Now let’s take a look at Tuesday’s big events:

Memberships & Certifications

  • HPE announced the opening of a new Cloud Foundry Dojo in Seattle, making it the seventh Dojo worldwide. As many of you know, the Dojo program supports rapid innovation by pairing programmers with experienced Cloud Foundry coders in an intensive six-week boot camp. “Graduates” emerge as core contributors and become mentors to new Dojo participants.
  • GE Predix announced that it is Cloud Foundry certified.
  • Mendix announced its availability on IBM’s Bluemix. The Mendix-Bluemix integration is enabled by the companies’ shared support for Cloud Foundry.
  • Apigee announced the availability of its API management software for VMware’s Cloud Foundry. They are demonstrating the integration this week at Summit.

Keynote Takeaways

Tuesday was bookended by a panoply of keynote topics–from overhauling outmoded software in the enterprise to the gravitational-wave sound of two black holes colliding 1.3 billion years ago (no big deal!).

  • AllState’s Doug Safford discussed how the culture of innovation is alive and well at AllState and how the company plans to maintain industry dominance while incubating the startup mindset.
  • VP and GM of HPE Helion Bill Hilf announced a new HPE/Cloud Foundry Dojo in Seattle and posited that “cloud computing” is becoming synonymous with “IT.”
  • Springer Nature’s Simon Johansson and Daniel Otte took the audience on a whimsical journey from the decision to implement Cloud Foundry to its deployment, using animated slides and reenacting conversations among the engineering team.
  • Astrophysicist Janna Levin catapulted attendees through space and time by playing a recording captured by LIGO of the gravitational waves produced by a collision of two black holes 1.3 billion years ago which rang spacetime like a drum, and covering topics like gravity, the curvature of space-time and what a black hole looks like if you’re falling into it.
  • Cisco’s CTO of Cloud Services Ken Owens discussed the cloud native transformation and the new application architecture, from platform to containerization.
  • The Foundation’s own Abby Kearns sat down for a fireside chat with Dell’s Barton George and Cody Taylor to learn about Dell’s internal transformation and the role of open source and Cloud Foundry.
Simon Johansson and Daniel Otte of Springer Nature

Simon Johansson and Daniel Otte of Springer Nature

Diversity Luncheon

  • VMware’s CTO of Transformation Practice Cornelia Davis gave a compelling keynote on the need for diversity in the technology industry–specifically in the open source community.
    • Cornelia shared the trailer for the award-winning documentary CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap to kick off the conversation.
    • She drew parallels between her own academic and professional career in computer science with her niece’s. Shockingly, Cornelia graduated into the industry in the 1980s when it was made up of 35% women. Today? Only 10% of computer science majors are women.
    • Cornelia put out a call to action among members of the technology industry to examine unconscious biases, give their daughters the same technical opportunities as their sons and to demand more from schools–only 25% of which offer computer science classes.
  • Following Cornelia’s keynote, each table led its own discussion on diversity, aided by provocative questions related to the topic.
Professor Janna Levin on spacetime and black holes

Professor Janna Levin on spacetime and black holes

Festivities continued well into the evening with a VIP event on the Hyatt patio and a lavish dinner hosted by EMC at Trusca.

Check in tomorrow for a snapshot of Tuesday’s events!

(Find Monday’s lookback here.)

Also be sure to tune into our Live video stream all week.


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