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Reaching the Summit for Cloud Foundry Training

I’m delighted to announce that CloudCredo will be delivering training at the Cloud Foundry Summits in Berlin and Shanghai. We will be collaborating with new Foundation members Biarca to deliver the training in Shanghai. This represents the first time full-day, structured training will be delivered at a Summit event. We’re proud to play our part in spreading the Cloud Foundry message across the world. CloudCredo have helped to support the ecosystem from the beginning and we’re excited to have this opportunity to help more people on their journey at a Foundation event.

We’re offering three courses – targeted at beginners, developers, and operators. The course outlines are available here.

At CloudCredo we like to learn by doing. Our training is focused on delivering features based on real-world scenarios. Learning against a structured backlog of features helps to illustrate how and why knowledge gained could be applicable in the future. Learning with features also helps to drive out simple solutions; illustrating the value of pushing applications to Cloud Foundry versus more complex systems. For example, consider the feature:

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We could address this feature by buying some land, building a data centre, installing a physical server, installing an operating system on the server, installing an application server on the operating system, deploying the application to the application server, configuring network and DNS, and then viewing the application.

Instead, we could do the following:

You’ve just pushed your first application to Cloud Foundry! Fast and simple.

If you like the look of this kind of training, take a look at our open-sourced CloudCredo Engineer training backlog. We pair-program on delivering these features to accelerate learning with our new recruits.

If you’d like to accelerate your journey to continuous innovation – join us for the training in Berlin or Shanghai.

CloudCredo Pair Programming

CloudCredo are Gold sponsors of the Berlin Summit and will have a dual screen pair-programming setup at our booth where we will be inviting conference attendees to help us create new tooling for the Cloud Foundry development community. If you’d like to sign up for a twenty-minute slot to work closely with a CloudCredo engineer on new Cloud Foundry functionality please sign-up here.