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Infographic: Key Findings from Cloud Foundry’s Container Report

Last month, we released the most comprehensive global study conducted to-date on the adoption of containers. Cloud Foundry Foundation’s Hope vs. Reality: Containers in 2016 report scrutinized the global landscape to determine who is using containers. Specifically, the report looked at: the how and why, the benefits and challenges of container usage—and the products and services used in conjunction with containers.

In addition to the extensive report, we’ve created a digestible infographic to spotlight its key findings.

Here are a few of our favorite findings:

  • 53 percent of respondents report they are currently using or evaluating containers.
  • 92 percent of those users report that containers alone are not enough—a platform is necessary to manage containers at scale.


Container Report Infographic

Recent surveys conducted by The New Stack and ClusterHQ on container adoption differ in respondent type and size, with majority of respondents having already adopted containers in production. Cloud Foundry Foundation surveyed a pool of respondents where a full 22 percent is currently using containers. The New Stack survey did not examine the challenges faced by companies using containers, while both Cloud Foundry’s and ClusterHQ’s did. You can read more about the surveys’ differences here.

Be sure to share this infographic on your favorite social channels and if you haven’t already, download the report!


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