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Nominate Your Community for Cloud Foundry Summit Awards by March 14th!

One of my favorite aspects of any Cloud Foundry Summit is the Community Awards ceremony.  

Our community is filled with individuals who channel their energy, enthusiasm and brilliance towards building and strengthening a platform that helps end users solve real world problems.  

For us at the Cloud Foundry Foundation, it is extremely important to thank the community for their efforts. We began this tradition of an awards ceremony at Cloud Foundry Summit in Boston after asking our community to nominate their peers.

For the upcoming Cloud Foundry Summit in Philadelphia this April 2-4, we are seeking nominations for the following award categories:

  • The Quiet Achiever: Some of the traits you want to look for are:
    • They get stuff done, no matter how big or small, easy or complex.
    • They usually work on the things that are fairly important (specifically for the project team or in general, for the overall community benefit).
    • The team and the community would definitely realize their absence were they ever to take time off.
    • They are not of the personality to boldly claim credit for their work.
  • The Advocate: Some of the traits you want to look for are:
    • They are a champion of one or more of the following:
      • the Cloud Foundry technology
      • the Cloud Foundry community
      • a specific initiative within the community (for example: making new contributor on-boarding simple, helping others amplify their presence in the community, making sure everyone feels welcome, etc.).
    • They may advocate quietly or quite vocally.
    • They focus on bringing a positive change to the community.
  • Coolest User Story: This recognizes an end user that uses Cloud Foundry in its digital strategy in a way that makes a positive impact on the industry or the community.

Finally, we will present a Cloud Foundry Foundation Award that will decided by our staff to express gratitude to those individuals that have made a difference in our community.

Please submit your nominations before 11:59 PM US Pacific Time on Thursday, March 14.

And now, onto last Summit’s winners!

Stealth-Ops Award Winners: Natalie Bennett and Dmitriy Kalinin

This recognition is designed to thank those individuals who stay behind the scenes and get stuff done, never expecting a thank-you in return. Their work may or may not get high visibility; it may be something that needs to be done to ensure other project work or release work can carry on smoothly.

The community-nominated winners were: Natalie Bennett and Dmitriy Kalinin

Chip Childers presents the Stealth-Ops award to Natalie Bennett and Dmitriy Kalinin

Natalie is a frequent contributor to OSS discussions around improving the lives of operators and their work on the Release Integration team has kept things running smoothly. Natalie is awesome, helping out on Cloud Foundry slack all the time and mentoring other community members.

Dmitriy’s contributions to Cloud Foundry and his leadership on BOSH are not unknown to our community. He goes above and beyond the call of duty and is always willing and ready to answer questions.

Helping Hands Award Winner: Eric Malm

We are surrounded by individuals who often go above and beyond what they are expected to do. The Helping Hands award is for the most helpful community member or team that has helped peers or a Cloud Foundry project in a way that was unexpected of them.  

Chip Childers presents Eric Malm with the Helping Hands Award

The community unanimously nominated Eric Malm for this award. While he could just stay focused on Diego, he goes above and beyond to ensure Application Runtime’s health. He keeps runtime running. He is the unsung hero of Diego — always available to help get stuff done and keep the lights on.

Coolest User Story Award: The Home Depot

The community nominated The Home Depot for the way in which it uses Cloud Foundry in its digital strategy to make a positive impact on the industry or the community.  

In their words, “Cloud Foundry has helped completely reshape the developer landscape at The Home Depot. Thanks to Cloud Foundry, we have teams building any and everything based on their skill sets, enabling a polyglot community that was not possible in the years prior. Because of the automatic health checks and the ease of routing and scaling, production incidents have dramatically decreased and teams are deploying more often than ever.

After joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation, The Home Depot created a dedicated team to contribute back to the product. Though we are still in the early stages, we have learned valuable lessons in terms of process and key stakeholders. From a broader view, The Home Depot has been a demonstrable showcase of Cloud Foundry at scale.”

The Home Depot’s Barbara Sanders accepts the Coolest User Story Award at Cloud Foundry Summit

Barbara Sanders, Vice President of Technology and Chief Architect at The Home Depot, joined Cloud Foundry Summit at the Board of Directors meeting to receive the award.  

Don’t forget to submit your nominations for 2019 — and register for Summit!

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Swarna is the Senior Director of Community at the Cloud Foundry Foundation, where she focuses on enriching the Cloud Foundry community.