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Program Committee Announcement: Cloud Foundry Day NA 2024

The Cloud Foundry Foundation is happy to announce the selection of the Program Committee for the conference, who will help shape the agenda, curate talks, and evangelize the event.

Cloud Foundry Day NA 2024 is about 70 days away as of this writing. At the Foundation, we’re very excited to bring this event to life! It will be our first time in NYC, and the success of our previous edition at Heidelberg has set a high bar.


This year, our committee members are Jovan Kostovski from SAP, Amelia Downs from VMware by Broadcom, and Wayne E. Seguin from FiveTwenty.


Jovan is a software engineer at SAP where he helps customers to best leverage Loggregator, the Cloud Foundry Logging and Metrics Stack, for monitoring their applications. He contributes to Cloud Foundry in the Application Runtime Platform Working Group in the Logging and Metrics area.


Amelia Downs is a software engineer at Broadcom. She has been an active contributor to Cloud Foundry since early 2016. She is also a member of the Cloud Foundry Technical Oversight Committee .


Wayne is a Founder of FiveTwenty Inc where he helps companies focus on their core business applications by leveraging Application Platforms. .


The members of the program committee for Cloud Foundry Day NA 2024 will wear several hats. Primarily they will be responsible for curating content, by selecting talks from a pool of submissions. Expect a diverse and engaging program, featuring sessions on most recently added Cloud Foundry features, practical use cases, and thought-provoking demos about the future of Cloud Foundry, Paketo Buildpacks, Services, and more.


These committee members will also act as champions for the conference, raising awareness within the larger Cloud Foundry community and beyond. We look forward to them sharing their excitement within their teams, working group meetings, and on social media.


The members of the program committee are hard at work evaluating all the submissions that have poured in. We will soon be announcing the agenda for the event. So, please stay tuned.


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