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How to Spend Thursday at Cloud Foundry Summit

This is the sixth in a series from our Cloud Foundry community on why to attend Cloud Foundry Summit in Boston, April 18-20. Register here.

Cloud Foundry Summit in Boston is almost here! It’s extra-special for me because it’s a homecoming; I grew up in Massachusetts and went to college near Boston, so even though I live and work in California’s Bay Area, I still think of the Bay State as home.

I’m excited to be back — and equally excited for the awesome conference line-up. Of course you can catch my keynote and panel discussion with TechCrunch’s Frederic Lardinois on Wednesday, but I want to highlight a few talks on Thursday that look really cool (and aren’t even about security!).

In honor of my fourth Summit, here are four activities not to miss!

  1. Cloud Foundry is so powerful as a technology platform, but it’s also important to talk about how powerful it can be in transforming your team and organization. There are so many ways to be successful using Cloud Foundry, and Dormain will be sharing real stories from customers on what they did. (3:15 PM)
  2. Rowan and Bret are talking about BOSH and cf-deployment on AWS GovCloud for the US government. I’ve worked with both of them before and hearing about how 18F and Cloud Foundry are working together to enable bringing US government services into the 21st century is always fascinating. (3:55 PM)
  3. If you’re curious about how Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes can play nice in the long term, you can’t miss the Will It Blend? panel. I’ve heard Meaghan and Cornelia speak many times about how Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes get along and it’s always a treat. (Maybe we should start calling it c9y + k8s?) (5:25 PM)
  4. Okay, the last thing isn’t a talk, but I wanted to plug the 5K Fun Run (6:15 AM). I always have fun staying up late at Summit and catching up with everyone I don’t usually get to see. I’ll try to get to sleep early this year, but being on West Coast time definitely won’t help. Not making any promises!
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Molly Crowther is a Senior Technical Program Manager for Cloud Foundry at Pivotal, empowering customers to get the most value from security assessments of Cloud Foundry. She also has extensive project and product management experience in a number of industries including business-to-business marketing, energy efficiency, and higher education. Molly is a graduate of Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering.