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VMware Looks Forward to Cloud Foundry Day 2022

Description: To honor its deep commitment to the Cloud Foundry community, VMware is sponsoring Cloud Foundry Day 2022, a co-located event at KubeCon North America 2022.


The VMware Tanzu team is excited to celebrate Cloud Foundry 2022 with the Cloud Foundry community—and being together in person again! We are inspired by the community’s success and all the work we’ve accomplished together. We’re incredibly excited about what we’ve completed in Project Korifi, which bridges the developer experience gap between Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes.


Furthermore, we’re very pleased with the ongoing success within the community as the Cloud Foundry project continues to deliver enhancements and exciting features that  improve developer and operator experiences on the platform.


Team Tanzu is incredibly proud to see that our engineering community will lead the following sessions at Cloud Foundry Day 2022:


If you will be attending Kubecon, you can’t miss this co-located event.

Check out the entire schedule of events for Cloud Foundry Day 2022! Be sure to register for Cloud Foundry Day 2022 here.


In the meantime, check out what the VMware Tanzu team has been doing to support the continued innovation of the Cloud Foundry ecosystem:

If you want to see more of the VMware Tanzu team, then be sure to attend SpringOne in San Francisco, December 6–8, 2022. Use discount code S1VM22_Marketing_200 to save on registration!

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