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Summit Talk: Open Service Broker API for Beginners

This post is about the forthcoming talk “Open Service Broker API – Getting to know the Open Service Broker APIbeing given by Marco di Martino and Christian Brinker at Cloud Foundry EU Summit on Wednesday, October 21st in the New to Cloud Foundry track. Register for Summit here.

Let me help you with that!

“Let me help you with that!” A sentence we heard every so often from our early childhood until today. Every time we hear it, it means there is someone who wants to ease our struggle in some way. To make it easier to achieve success, because solving things on our own would be so much harder.

Cloud Foundry helps us to ship code to production much faster and easier than without it. So, the Cloud Foundry community is the one helping us developers “with that.” This simple but powerful mindset is condensed in the Cloud Foundry community’s haiku from Onsi Fakhouri:

“Here’s my code.

Run it on the cloud for me.

I don’t care how.”

The idea behind Cloud Foundry is to simply help us developers with the things we do. But there are things beyond the strengths of Cloud Foundry. Running stateful applications, for example, is not really easy on top of Cloud Foundry. But handling state is something we can only shift or hide away with cloud native applications. It is not inevitable. So, Cloud Foundry is in need of handling stateful applications without knowing how to do it. 

The origin of OSBAPI

Early on, the Cloud Foundry community needed something to “help Cloud Foundry with that.” This is where the idea of the Open Service Broker was born. It helps Cloud Foundry handle the things it was not build to do on its own — all the things Cloud Foundry needs to help the developer do our jobs but are too specific or out of scope.

And how should Cloud Foundry interact with such a service broker?

In our talk, we want you to get to know the Open Service Broker API. The open standard for Cloud Foundry to interact with service brokers. 

“Let us help you with that!” 

…If “it” is simply to understand Cloud Foundry and one of its core concepts better. Or even better, if you start to code your first service broker and do not know where to start. Find us at Cloud Foundry Europe Summit at our talk and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

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