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Video: How to Build Services for Cloud Foundry & Kubernetes Using the Open Service Broker API

If you want to enable your development team to deliver the latest features to your users in record time, watch this talk from VMware’s Alex Ley and Matt McNeeney.

One of the biggest and most well-known challenges most enterprise IT companies face is the traditional model of development teams shipping software. Hurdles include developers writing cool new features that are sent to operations where tickets can take weeks, getting past corporate firewalls, receiving credentials in a secure manner, having access to the database… More tickets, more weeks. It can be frustrating.

Meanwhile, your users are keen to get their hands on the new features you’re trying to roll out — but your development teams can’t deliver it.

In comes Cloud Foundry. Cloud Foundry has solved this problem already by working with other open source partners to create the Open Service Broker API, which allows developers, ISVs, and SaaS vendors a single, simple, and elegant way to deliver services to applications running within cloud-native platforms such as Cloud Foundry, OpenShift, and Kubernetes. The project is backed by industry leaders including Fujitsu, Google, IBM, VMware, RedHat, and SAP.

Thanks to the Open Service Broker API, the delivery of these services is automated to developers for them to provision, connect to and use whenever they want. It also automates the lifecycle of services, including credential management; unique credentials can be provided to different development teams and you can delete that specific set of credentials without worrying about the security implications.

Alex Ley and Matt McNeeney from VMware gave a demo using OSBAPI connecting workloads running on Cloud Foundry and Cloud Foundry Container Runtime, demonstrating how Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes function interoperably to complement one another.

Watch the complete talk, along with the demo, here:

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