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VMware Tanzu is honored to sponsor Cloud Foundry Day NYC!

Team Tanzu is honored to attend and sponsor Cloud Foundry Day North America 2024: New York City! We will send many speakers, Cloud Foundry contributors, and customers to the event.

Here are my top five reasons why you can’t miss this event!

1. The Strength of the Cloud Foundry Community

VMware Tanzu is committed to the Cloud Foundry community and open-source ecosystem. We are excited to start the day with a panel session with members of the technical oversight committee as they share their vision for shaping the future of Cloud Foundry. Furthermore, you will not want to miss Matthew Kocher’s wisdom as he reflects on his decade spent contributing to Cloud Foundry. Both sessions will highlight how Cloud Foundry is a healthy open-source ecosystem, a quality that cannot be taken for granted today.

2. Sessions Jam-Packed with innovation

This year’s schedule is jam-packed with innovation within the Cloud Foundry Community. Some sessions that piqued my interest were:

But that’s just a sample of what will be at the event. Check out the complete schedule to see all the great sessions you can’t miss!

3. The Hallway Track

In my humble opinion, the hallway track is always the most valuable session of any conference. Nothing beats connecting with your peers and other members of the Cloud Foundry community! Share stories and deep-dive with your peers over lunch and between sessions; there is no better way to learn and build new relationships with other Cloud Foundry Users and contributors than the hallway track.

4. Cloud Foundry Weekly: Live at Cloud Foundry Day!

Nicky Pike and I will be closing out Cloud Foundry Day by running a live episode of Cloud Foundry Weekly! This will be our first podcast with an in-person audience, and the theme for this episode will be “Running the world with Cloud Foundry!”  We will have some fantastic Cloud Foundry users to interview this episode, so you will most definitely not want to miss this one. Keep an eye on the Cloud Foundry Weekly social accounts (X/Twitter | LinkedIn) for livestream details. We are also very interested in Cloud Foundry user stories, so keep an eye out for Nick and Nicky at the event if you are interested in sharing your story with us.

5. Celebrate with the community

Last but not least, don’t miss this chance to connect with the community after the official programming at Cloud Foundry Day. I personally can’t wait to relax and celebrate with the community at The Seville NYC. Let’s celebrate all the hard work and accomplishments of the community and explore New York City!

Check out the entire schedule of events for Cloud Foundry Day 2024: NYC. Be sure to register here to make sure you get a spot at this must-attend event!

In the meantime, check out what the VMware Tanzu team has been doing to support the continued innovation of the Cloud Foundry ecosystem:

This is a guest post published by the Cloud Foundry Foundation, on behalf of Nick Kuhn

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