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Watch Cloud Foundry Summit Frankfurt Videos Now!

Last month’s Cloud Foundry Summit in Frankfurt, Germany, brought together hundreds of members from our community and sparked fascinating conversations about the future of Cloud Foundry. Keynotes and technical talks were given by experts from around the world, and the schedule was packed! If you weren’t able to make it to certain talks or if you just want to rewatch some of your favorites, see the full playlist from Summit or just press play below.

For a full retrospective on Cloud Foundry Summit Europe, check out our recap! Read high-level lookbacks from Tuesday and Wednesday, see the full list of news, articles and blogs from Summit, and peruse the photo gallery below.

Cloud Foundry Summit Europe 2016

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Caitlyn O'Connell, AUTHOR

As Senior Marketing Manager of Cloud Foundry Foundation, Caitlyn runs content and manages diversity programming.