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A Cloud Foundry Congratulations to New Graduate Envoy Proxy

Last week, CNCF announced Envoy’s graduation, making it the third project at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation to achieve this distinction after Kubernetes and Prometheus. We at Cloud Foundry Foundation want to congratulate the Envoy community for the work it has done to develop a sustainable and mature technology that is rapidly becoming the industry-standard open source edge, middle and service proxy.

Since the project’s inception at Lyft, the Cloud Foundry technical community has been an early adopter of Envoy proxy. Early on, we recognized its benefits — from smarter communication between applications, to encryption of network communication, to controlling access into and out of apps running in the cluster. It was because of these capabilities, as well as the project’s technical strength and continuous maturation, that the Cloud Foundry technical community started incorporating it into the Cloud Foundry Application Runtime architecture a year ago.

In fact, downstream commercial distributions of the Cloud Foundry Application Runtime have been shipping the platform with Envoy embedded as part of the architecture since the first quarter of 2018. With Cloud Foundry deployed in over half the Fortune 500 and widely adopted through mid-market companies, this means a massive portion of the enterprise tech market is using Envoy by virtue of their Cloud Foundry platform deployments. Have a look at some of our case studies to see where Envoy is in use.

Adopting Envoy into the Cloud Foundry Application Runtime architecture is another example of how the Cloud Foundry technical community continues to curate the best of the broader open source ecosystem into a cohesive platform experience. This is truly collaborative open source interoperability at its best.

Again, we wish the Envoy community a sincere congratulations on its graduation from CNCF!

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