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Over half the Fortune 500 and organizations all over the globe — including financial services, government offices, automobile companies and many more — rely on Cloud Foundry for speed, flexibility and efficiency. If you’re using Cloud Foundry and want to share your team’s success story, please email We’d love to hear from you.


By providing these convenient functions to our partners, we encourage continued activity in the Samsung IoT ecosystem. Cloud Foundry is used to realize this value.

Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure

Rijkswaterstaat is able to bring in developer partners and create app infrastructure that enables a faster process of designing, testing, and deploying apps, and serves the public more effectively.

Bret Mogilefsky, 18F helps agencies imagine how things can be easier and lets us demonstrate how easily they can shift their culture to be more agile.

Liam Maxwell, National Technical Adviser to HM Government

Governments don’t need to compete. They can share best practices and technology.


Zipcar uses components of the Cloud Foundry architecture to make things work the way we want them to. We’re different than many companies in that we like to do things our own way, and Cloud Foundry enables us to do that.

Comic Relief

Cloud Foundry and PWS give us a solid base to concentrate on this work with confidence that the platform will be reliable and work at the scale we need.

DemandBridge Provides Faster Product Releases and Updates with Cloud Foundry

Grape Up Fuels the Success of Global Brands with Cloud Foundry

How c-Com Built Software with SAP Cloud Platform and Cloud Foundry that Reduces C-parts Management Effort by 30%

Going Up with IBM Cloud Foundry: KONE Aims to Fix Elevator Issues Before They Arise

Cloud Foundry-based Predix App Prevents Power Plant Downtime

From Eight Days to 20 Minutes: CSAA Transforms with Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry Enables Bosch to Scale and Build IoT Apps Faster

Allstate Innovates Mobile Rescue Service with Cloud Foundry

How Verizon Keeps Competitive Edge with Cloud Foundry

West Corp. Empowers 1400 Devs with Pivotal Cloud Foundry

From Success to Expansion: Telstra to Empower 5000 Developers with Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Bloomberg Piloting Cloud Foundry Container Runtime

T-Mobile Integrates Cloud Foundry to Create New Culture

Reblog: US Air Force Overhauls Mission Critical Software System with Cloud Foundry

Pivotal Cloud Foundry Helps DISH Operate Like a Startup

Ogilvy Speeds Development with Bluemix Cloud Foundry

Royal Bank of Canada Reduces Production Incidents by 90% with Cloud Foundry-based IBM Bluemix

Liberty Mutual Creates Underwriter Portal MVP in Just 28 Days with Cloud Foundry

Express Scripts Innovates Faster with Cloud Foundry

Honda Drives a Connected Car Experience with IBM Bluemix

Huawei Builds Communications Service on Cloud Foundry

South Korea Standardizes IT Service Delivery with Cloud Foundry

Unigma Builds Management Platform with IBM Bluemix and Altoros

BNY Mellon Develops New Agile Culture with Cloud Foundry

American Airlines Adopts Cloud Foundry to Deliver Apps Faster

Gap Uses Cloud Foundry to Make Thousands of Price Adjustments

Australian Government Transforms Service Delivery with Cloud Foundry

Ford Transforms its Customer Experience with Cloud Foundry

Sundance Institute Taps Pivotal Cloud Foundry for New Digital Platform [Reblog]

Mercedes-Benz Embraces Rapid App Delivery with Cloud Foundry [Reblog]

Volkswagen Group Drives Multi-Cloud App Strategy with Cloud Foundry

RWS Automates Management of Dutch Physical Infrastructure with Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry Helps Diabetizer Reduce Startup Investment 90%

Fidelity’s DevOps Approach Steers Digital Transformation

Comic Relief’s Live Fundraising Scales with Cloud Foundry

Allianz Delivers Apps Faster in Digital Transformation

Digital Uprising

Digital Uprising, One Government at a Time

Swiss Re: Making IT a Strategic Asset

What We Learned After Five Years of Cloud Foundry at Rakuten

The Gap on Cloud Optimization & Cloud Foundry (Video)

GOV.UK User Case Study

Verizon User Case Study

Bloomberg User Case Study

Lockheed Martin User Case Study

Yahoo! Japan User Case Study

Fjord IT User Case Study

CenturyLink User Case Study

Orange User Case Study

Warner Music Group’s Journey from Private to Public Cloud (Video)

Cloud Foundry User Case Studies Program

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Dell User Case Study

Warner Music Group User Case Study

Australian Government, Digital Transformation Office User Case Study

DataSkill & SilverHook Powerboats User Case Study

Gap, Inc. User Case Study

CoreLogic User Case Study

Rakuten User Case Study

Daimler User Case Study User Case Study

20th Century Fox User Case Study

Sundance Institute User Case Study

Travelport User Case Study

Hertz User Case Study

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente User Case Study

Springer Nature User Case Study

Hertz Leads IT Transformation using Cloud Foundry

Allstate User Case Study

Garmin User Case Study

Philips User Case Study

Monsanto User Case Study

Humana User Case Study

Comcast User Case Study

NBC Universal

NBCUniversal User Case Study

Kroger User Case Study

Ford User Case Study

The Home Depot User Case Study

GE User Case Study

Swiss Re moves to Cloud Foundry from Swisscom

dorma+kaba – One of the world’s leading providers of security and access solutions selects CloudFoundry

Launching the Next Generation Satellite Ground System

A Platform for the Internet of Very Important Things

Developing the Power to Disrupt